Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things I am not used to at home after spending a week in Mexico

-[warm] showers. showering in general.
-using a dishwasher
-throwing toilet paper in the actual toilet
-people speaking english
-the smell and cleanliness of the air here
-my room

i feel like every mission trip i go on, it gets harder for me to bounce back. college has been a weird time for me- i've done the most traveling i've ever done, and i love it. i am constantly shifting from place to place. i like being a nomad, but your sense of touching down and calling someplace home gets warped.


  1. Oh sweet friend, I can totally relate this. It gets harder and harder to accommodate to life at home after every trip I make, whether its for pleasure or missionary work. I have not traveled since June and have trouble being here, now. As for me, my mental state (being everywhere, mentally) but not here (in the moment) is what makes that shift to reality so hard for me.

  2. I understand what you mean here, but also how important is travel, right? It can throw off what you thought you knew, and that's unsettling, but someday...someday it all shifts into a new kind of better, more well-rounded place. I'm just a stranger in this blogosphere, but I'm sending you good things/vibes/moments this weekend. :)